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(Exclusive Exotic) Snow Caps

Pink Cry Baby-2g
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THC: 50.00% and Diamond THCa: 45.00% = 95.00%

Snow Caps comes in various Hybrid Strains. Our exclusive product from Terp Lordz, Snow Caps flower starts with the finest hand-selected top shelf cannabis. It is then wrapped in THC liquid diamonds and coated in our proprietary “Snow Dust,” a mixture of THCa and cannabis derived terpenes. This unique combination makes Snow Caps the most potent cannabis flower ever produced, with batches testing as high as 70%+!
Snow Caps is created by refining cannabis concentrate until nearly all that remains is THCa and terpenes. This extremely potent form of cannabis concentrate can be vaporized on its own or added to your flower to give it an extra kick.
You are purchasing one awesome sports memorabilia card and receiving a gift.
“Actual cards may vary”

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