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Discover Doobieshop DC's Exclusive Selection: A Tour of Top Products at Washington D.C.'s Premier Weed Dispensary

If you are visiting or traveling through Washington DC then you simply must sample the local cannabis culture.

Most in this city are pretty open-minded when it comes to smoking weed or enjoying edibles and the city has a lot of great activities and dispensaries for weed enthusiasts.

While you are visiting, you absolutely need to visit Doobie Shop. This fine dispensary has an exclusive selection of fine-quality weed products that are bound to provide you with a much more enjoyable time.

Doobie Shop - A Superior Dispensary in Washington DC

Doobie Shop is one of the best spots to visit if you are looking for premium quality cannabis goods or if you want to sample something new, rare, and refreshing.

This weed dispensary in Washignton DC is located at 1432 Wisconsin Ave NW in Washington DC. This quaint little store is quite refreshing since the array of products is properly displayed and well-illuminated thanks to the large windows.

It is quite fun to explore the fresh aura of this dispensary with its minimalist decor. The calming vibe of the store is ideal for those who want to take their time exploring and learning all about the wonderful products that Doobieshop has to offer.

You can, of course, also buy their premium quality cannabis products online. The online store is user friendly and Doobieshop can get your marijuana products delivered to your doorstep in Washington.

A Tour of the Top Products available at Doobie Shop

This fine weed dispensary in Washington DC has a wide range of quality cannabis products to choose from. All of the products sold at Doobies are made from the finest ingredients.

It can, however, be difficult to decide on what to buy when there are so many great products to choose from.

To make it a little bit easier for you to choose, we are going to share a quick tour of all of the best products to try when you are touring the Doobie Shop.

Disposable THC Cartridges

THC cartridges are ideal for vape enthusiasts who are looking for a good way to get their daily treatment. These cartridges are extremely easy to use, they come in a sleek and portable design so you can take them anywhere and they allow you to discreetly puff and enjoy weed without any unpleasant smoky aromas.

At Doobies, we have a wide selection of high-quality cartridges to choose from including the following;

FRYD Extracts Disposable Cartridges

These THC vapes from FRYD come in many tasty fragrances like apple, banana, blueberry, guava, loco coco, melon dew, and many more. The cartridges have a 2-gram capacity and a THC range of 91 – 94% is very potent and bound to give instant results.

AceUltra Cartridge

AceUltra cartridges have quite a unique design since they contain two pods in one disposable vape. This powerful device has a 2-gram vape tank and contains 100% whole cannabis flower oil. Because of its split design, you get two flavors in one cartridge and you can easily switch between the flavors with just the flip of a switch.

Weed or Shroom Infused Chocolate Bars

If you are on a weed tasting tour then you simply must sample a couple of chocolate bars. It is extremely soothing to munch on these edibles with their sweet taste. Chocolate bars also make it quite easy to get your dose of weed or shrooms more discreetly because each block of chocolate contains exact amounts of weed dosages.

Here is a quick look at some of the most popular chocolate bars at Doobies.

Mantra Nootropic Bars

If you need a huge energy boost or want better focus then we recommend you have a bite of the Mantra Nootropic bars. These bars are ideal for micro-dosing so you can extend your weed tour for more than one day. You can indulge in a single block of these edibles per day and get the boost you need to get you through the week.

Each piece of chocolate contains only .22 grams of shrooms. With this microdose, you can enjoy all of the benefits without feeling too overwhelmed or affected.

Punch Bars

Punch bar chocolate bars are perfect for days when you need something that packs a powerful punch. These tasty edibles contain 9 pieces and each piece of chocolate has a powerful 25mg THC strength. The packs are ideal for a night out with friends because you can easily share and take everyone on a weed tour.

Weed Flower or Pre-Rolls

There is just something soothing about smoking weed. The aromatic fragrance of weed flower and the instant buzz of enjoying a pre-roll is simply magical.

At Doobieshop, there are several great flower and pre-roll products that smokers can indulge in. Here is a quick look at the top selections.

Top Shelf Sour Lemons - Sativa

If you enjoy making your weed-infused goodies then we recommend this flower from Top Shelf. This particular strain is one of their most colorful variants. It is a hybrid flower that contains 65% sativa and 35% indica.

Smoking this weed flower strain is a true adventure since the weed offers sweet lemony lime and apple aromas and this particular strain is known to give you a huge boost in energy.

Viola Bubba Chuck Pre-Roll

If you are out celebrating a major achievement then you should give the Bubba Chuck Hash Hole Infused pre-roll a try. This pre-roll is one of the finest quality weed joints you will ever smoke. It is packed with 1.5 grams of premium cannabis and contains 0.5 grams of purified hash rosin concentrate.

Doob Toob Pre-Roll

Doob Toob pre-rolls are perfect for smoking on a budget or sharing with friends. These pre-rolls are not too extreme since they only contain 0,8 grams of top-shelf flower. The pre-rolls are just powerful enough to offer soothing results without overpowering you too much.

The weed joint is bound to take you on a powerful journey and it is sure to provide an unforgettable smoking experience.

The Final Puff

If you are looking for a great go-to cannabis store then Doobieshop, Washington DC is a terrific place to start.

This cannabis store also has several weed products that you are not likely to find anywhere else which makes it ideal for buyers who love to go on tour and sample different products from different dispensaries.

We welcome you to come and take a tour through our store and to come and sample all of the delightful products we distribute. With Doobie Shop every cannabis journey will be full of excitement and you are bound to get the best cannabis experience every time you indulge in these fine-quality products.

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