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Getting Top Cannabis Strains At Dispensaries In Washington DC

Dispensaries in Washington DC are a real treat. This is because these fine establishments offer a solution for some of life’s most challenging bodily and mental issues. Premium quality marijuana is a solution and an alternative remedy that many flock to, love to explore and swear by. 

These fine-quality buds with their bright purple, blue or green colors and strong aroma are basic necessities for many people here in DC. Luckily, they are not difficult to acquire because dispensaries here are an unlimited source of flower strains that offer relief that exceeds our expectations.

Top Cannabis Strains from Dispensaries in Washington DC

As the best dispensary in Washington DC, Doobie Shop invites you to come and darken our doorstep so you can experience the powerful effects that superior quality weed strains can offer. 

Here, you can go on a true-tasting adventure because our product range includes everything from weed strains with pain management effects to powerful products that will plunge you into a deeply relaxed state. 

At Doobie Shop we have a lot to pick and choose from and we highly recommend the following top strains if you are looking for hybrids that offer life-altering effects.

Fruit Punch Soda

Do you need an uplift so you can get plenty of work done or so you can socialize and interact with others like a true extrovert?  Do you also want something that is going to whisk away your worries and allow you to enter a deep slumber at the end of the day? 

Fruit Punch Soda from Premium Zip might just be the perfect hybrid to try. This hybrid combines the positive attributes of sativa and indica weed in one small, yet powerful dried bud. With a 22% strength level, the flower isn’t too strong yet the effects are still very immersive. 

Smoking a fruit punch soda joint is also quite delectable because these buds will fill your lungs with a sweet and sugary aftertaste.

Terp Lords’ Pink Cry Baby

If you are overwhelmed with a numbing pain and need some instant relief so you can plunge away into a deep sleep then Pink Cry Baby from Terp Lords might be a good option. This 32% weed is powerful enough to numb all of your pain senses so you can sleep with ease. 

You will also experience some other pleasant side effects when you awaken the next day because the strain has an uplifting effect that will leave you feeling energized and ready for the new day.

Viola Iversion ‘96

During the weekend, you might need something that can relief pain and make you feel all happy, relaxed and communicative. If that is the case then it might be time to get some Inversion ‘96 from your local dispensary DC. 

Viola Iversion ‘96 was developed in 1996 and offers a creamy grape taste because it is cultivated by crossing Secret Kush Mints and Grape Stomper. When you fill your lungs with this premium weed, you will also note a minty aftertaste.

This flower is pretty rare among dispensaries in DC but this also makes it much more appealing to weed connoisseurs that love to sample rare goodies.

White Truffle

Hybrid strains are trending right now because they are great for treating a number of conditions while finding relief. White Truffle is a trusted weed flower for anyone who is looking for a break from pain or muscle tension. This marijuana is also a good option if you want to let the creative juices flow or need to put the spring back in your step after spending many exhausting hours at work. 

When you light up a joint filled with this premium flower, you will instantly plunge into an interdental state filled with earthy tones and a skunky undertone. This flour might not have sweet floral tones but many love it for its reliable results. It is a product that is going to offer you effective relief time and time again. 


Cannabis lovers that prefer something a little bit sweeter with a rich cream cookie undertone and a dash of sour, yet spicy grape, tend to love Gushers

When inhale the sweet fragrance of this delectable weed, you will soon note tingly sensations that will gradually spread from the back of your head throughout your body. Within minutes, you will feel aroused, relaxed, and totally at ease with the world. Overthinking, pain, and stress will become a thing of the past and, because this flower doesn’t make you feel too tired, you will be able to go on with a day that is free from pain, worries, or stress.

Diesel Drift

Diesel drift is a very popular weed strain that many cannabis users have been relying on for a very long time. This lady is a favorite because it provides lasting effects and its relatively low THC potency makes it ideal for casual use. Diesel joints are perfect for introverts who want to step out of their comfort zones because the strain has a tongue-loosening effect and will boost your energy. You will instantly feel uplifted after inhaling the fuel-like aroma with the citrus undertones of this trusted hybrid and might even experience some pain relief that can make you feel more alive than ever before.

A Final Draw

When you sample top-quality weed strains from Doobies, you won’t only find relief. These products can open a doorway to an all-new you and will give you an entirely new perception of life. Each weed strain is an adventure and every effect these products provide is an unforgettable experience. 

Visit our store now and get a taste of what the best dispensaries in Washington DC can offer.

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